Website – Current Prototype


1. To demonstrate the proposed feature set.

2. To coordinate the startup.

3. To promote our idea.

4. To learn how to create a website and blog, so that we can teach others & exemplify that anyone can do it!

Note: Created Jan 18, 2017, this is our first website that’s more than a very simple html page.

Note: Currently not spending time to optimize the look & feel, just testing the basics.



CMS: WordPress  (WP)

WP Structure: Multisite Network 

WP Theme: GeneratePress Pro  $39


Current WP Plug-ins:

Backup:  BackUpWordPress   (free,

Backup:  UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore   (free,

Spam: Askimet  (free for non-comercial,

Forms:   Contact Form 7   (free,

Columns:  Lightweight Grid Columns    (free,

Social: Lightweight Social Icons  (free,

CSS:  Simple CSS   (free,

Slider:  Slide Anything – Responsive Content / HTML Slider and Carousel  (free,

FAQ: Arconix FAQ  (free,


Definite Future WP Plug-ins:

Forum: BBpress  (free,

Social Community: BuddyPress  (free, 


Planned Future Wiki

Wiki: MediaWiki  (free)  Because we have the tools to convert it for offline use.


Website – Required Improvements

Better mobile experience:  The theme is responsive (changes with screen size) but the menus, font sizes, bullet indenting, paragraph pacing and video embedding need refinement.

Better presentation:  The theme customization, such as colors and title fonts can be improved.


Website – Future Considerations

Project Management:

Progress tracking graphics: 

Looks good:

To Do List: 


Task Manager: but mixed reviews


Support tickets:

Simply use BBPress Forums?

Add to BBPress: 

or Q&A Platform:




Volunteer sign-up & task management?

How to do within BuddyPress? 


Job Posting Management for Volunteer or paid roles? (or just use Q&A or knowledgebase plugin?)


Events calendar:





For school/club locations:


Translation:     The best. Free for non-profits.


Table of Contents / Sitemap:






WP Management: 




Visitor statistics

Google analytics


Social Media Integration:


Share buttons


Media management:  advantage ?



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