Startup Plan

1. Determine interest & viability of the idea

  • Many people feel that this is a worthwhile project but we have yet to explain the details.
  • Determine if any features already exist (ex. a good teacher support forum).
  • ICT educational systems are flourishing but how well do they work in an Indonesian setting?
  • The Rachel Offline system is proven, but will Indonesians embrace it?

2. Determine financial viability

  • At a minimum, we need to be able to fund the legal creation of a non-profit, two full time salaries (Aabie & Brian), minor expenses, some web development & perhaps some start-up consulting.

3. Recruit volunteers

  • Website development, translation, research, etc.

4. Recruit a volunteer(?) board of directors & advisers

  • Ideally well-respected people from technology, education (teaching, government, & development NGO) & financial sectors.

5. Research & develop a robust implementation plan.

6. Implement.

Implementation Plan

1. Online Portal:

  • Directory of educational sites with Indonesian content;
  • Basic support forums.

2. Offline content downloadable to existing server (Linux, Windows?)

  • Obtain approval from the government to include their content offline;
  • Publish teacher’s guide, IT guide & have robust support forums;
  • Available to users with existing servers & a good internet connection (to enable monitoring, feedback & support until any bugs are worked out);
  • Work with existing organisations who provide IT support to schools (ex. Gramedia) to determine computer capabilities, inform schools & install.

3. Offline content available on stand-alone WiFi server.

4. Travelling school.

5. Promote forming tech clubs.

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