Potential Partners

Key Partners

World Possible:  So that we can create an Indonesian version of their Rachel Offline product.  They have sufficient information and support forums online for us to create our own offline packages for Linux & Raspberry Pi, but we need their support to order the Intel CAP WiFi Server (can only be custom ordered from China 1000 units at a time, $329/unit) that they selected as being the best available server.  We could also use advice from their experiences implementing in Africa and other places.  (We expect them to welcome this project.)

Ministry of Education:  For the offline server, we need their licensing approval to include their content.  We need to determine if we need their approval to implement in schools, such as approval of the content.  Plus, everything will be smoother if we have their support and cooperation.

Hour of Code:  Implementation of traveling code school will be greatly facilitated by working with the many existing Hour of Code volunteers around Indonesia who know their communities & schools.

Teachers’ Associations:  Gaining the support of teachers is critical because they are the primary users of our systems.

Important Partners

Other Education Development NGOs:

  • We have limited experience of the intricacies of the Indonesian education system and thus will need advice on how best to implement our ideas.
  • We may need some custom surveys or research to determine how best to implement our ideas (ex. how many schools have computer labs available).
  • We can enhance the relevance of our services by offering to include their educational materials in our portal & offline servers, regardless of whether their topic is part of the curriculum or not.  Ex. Health education, first aid, or  best farming methods.
  • Travelling NGOs can help us to select areas to travel to, understand communities & meet key people.
  • Travelling NGOs may be able to distribute our offline servers and/or updates (and we can distribute materials for them).

Commercial Online Educational Providers:

  • Hopefully they will see us a benefit more than a competitor.
  • We would like to link to & provide their free content offline.
  • We would accept advertising for their paid services.

Tech, Software & Internet Companies:

  • Key funding source because they have the greatest interest in computer savvy & coding graduates.
  • Software providers are interested in getting more programmers using their products, so that companies will choose to code using their products.
  • Most volunteers & evangelists will likely come from these companies.

Providers of Free Educational Content:

  • Ideally, we can work with them to translate key content.
  • Ideally, we can get an RSS feed or other way of knowing when content is revised or added.
  • Ideally, we can help them with any changes required to enable an offline version of their content.
  • Ideally, we can arrange licensing for content that is not freely distributable.

Other Partners

Coding Club(s):

  • There are several coding clubs to choose from (Code Club, CoderDojo, Google CS First, etc.).

Warnet, WiFi Cafes and their Software Providers:

  • Theory: Providing educational materials will increase their business as people spend more time learning online.
  • Would like a prominent link to our education portal & awareness advertising
  • In areas with slow internet, we would like our offline content hosted locally and automatically updated by the service provider.

Facebook Free Basics via Indosat Ooredoo:

  • Adding a lite version of our Education Portal would be awesome!

Telecommunications Internet Providers:

  • Providing educational content free at WiFi hotspots would be awesome!

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