We welcome all offers of advice or help in launching our Education Portal & Travel School.


  • Advice or offers on how to fund our non-profit.
  • Legal advice & help to set up a non-profit.
  • Partnership opportunities where we can help each other.

Education & Schools

  • Insight into the Indonesian education system.
  • Reports and statistics regarding the use of  information and communications technology (ICT) in Indonesian schools.
  • Connect us with others who are trying to improve Indonesian education.


  • Translation of educational interfaces & educational content.
  • Creation of content for the education portal.
    • Find, review & link to educational sites.
    • Link educational materials to the National Curriculum.
    • Collect or write advice on how to use online content in the Indonesian classroom.
  • Determine the impact of current ICT programs by the Ministry of Education & others.

Travel School

  • Where should we travel?
  • What communities are most likely to embrace our project?
  • Any specific schools we should visit?  In Jakarta or elsewhere?
  • Know anyone with an extra bus?  😉

Education Portal

  • What website do you use for Indonesian educational content?

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