Social Innovation Acceleration Program

We are proud now to be part of Kolaborasi’s SIAP 3-month incubation program!


We want to ensure that every teacher in Indonesia has access to quality free educational resources via:

  1. Educational portal linking all freely available Indonesian language content and lesson plans to the National Curriculum.
  2. Offline WiFi servers that bring this same content to areas without internet.

Plus, we want to give all children the opportunity to create via blogging, website creation and coding by:

  1. Making courses available on our portal & offline.
  2. Facilitating the creation of coding & tech clubs throughout Indonesia.
  3. A travelling school that brings these experiences to children & educates teachers.


“Imagine if your young child attended a school that did not have books, electricity, or the Internet.
What educational opportunities would he or she be denied?” *

General Education

  • Teachers & students appear mostly unaware of the large amount of quality free educational materials available online.
  • Government-provided materials are distributed across several sites, so it is not simple to know if material exists for a particular subject.
  • Everyone with poor internet access is left out.

Tech Education

  • Worldwide, countries are expecting a shortage of IT workers.
  • Indonesian business is rapidly moving online but many people outside of the major metropolitan centers are left out.
  • Many people:
    • Believe that Facebook is the internet & they never venture further.
    • Are unaware that they too can actively participate.
    • Are unable to recognize digital scams, hoaxes & fake news.

Non-Profit Solution

(1) Online Educational Portal:

  • Portal to the best free educational material in Indonesian, that speaks to Indonesians.
  • Resources for educators, such as lesson plans.
  • Support forum for educators to get peer support.
  • Weekly chat for educators.

(2) Offline Educational WiFi Server:

  • The same educational materials provide in a portable offline WiFi server ($400).

(3) Traveling School:

  • Show how to install and use our offline WiFi Server.
  • Show that they can self-learn.
  • Spark an interest in tech subjects.
  • Show that educators don’t need previous tech experience as long as they are willing to learn with the children.
  • Motivate them to start after-school clubs.

Travel School Pitch –┬áSlides

Travel School Pitch – Slides

Educational Web & Offline Portal Pitch – Slides

Educational Web & Offline Portal Pitch – Slides

1 thought on “Pitch

  1. Sparky & Bear brings the world of free e-learning courses to Indonesians with & without internet. Our focus is on making the widely dispersed content easily accessible to Indonesian teachers via linking content to the National Curriculum and intelligently packaging content for inexpensive off-line servers & USB sticks. We hope to spark an active community of teachers who will share lesson plans, advice and content.

    Stages: (1) Online portal to aggregate the free content, engage teachers & manage translation efforts; (2) Offline server packages of that content; (3) Travelling teachers to help schools & community groups get started with e-learning and tech education.

    We are at the formation stage. Online e-learning is growing rapidly and readily accessible to English speakers but free Indonesian-language content is harder to find. Offline educational servers have proved successful in other countries (ex. but are rare in Indonesia. The increased availability and reliability of inexpensive offline WiFi servers plus the expansion of freely distributable Creative Commons licensed materials & Open Education Resources (OER) that have facilitated translation/localization (via makes this a good time to develop this project.

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